Data Privacy is OUR Business

We provide support, advice and consultancy to a broad range of clients in the public, private and voluntary sectors.

Since 2013 we have provided support, advice and consultancy to a broad range of clients in the public, private and voluntary sectors.

Our services are now focused upon Data Privacy solutions and support for small and medium size enterprises.

With the exponential increase in the cyber-security threat and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enshrined into UK law we have seen a significant increase in requests for Data Privacy advice and support.

Data Privacy is the overarching discipline which encompasses data protection, cyber-security, information assurance and information security, in both the real and digital environments.

As such we have now established a dedicated Data Privacy practice with EU GDPR qualified practitioners who have over 16 years’ experience working in information assurance, security and data protection.

Our approach to effective Data Privacy is based upon the interaction between the PEOPLE, the PROCESSES and the TECHNOLOGY within your organisation. All the research shows that technology solutions on their own seldom work and that over 80% of data breaches are initiated either directly or indirectly by people, poor processes, or a combination of these factors.

Data Breaches

“Your business – Your Reputation – Your Brand!”

Organisations, both large and small are experiencing data breaches on a daily basis.

Most struggle to know if they have to report it to the Information Commissioner.

Should they inform their customers or clients.

How will it affect their supply chain and their reputation & brand?

To support the SME sector across Northern Ireland JALARO are organising a number of Data Breach Awareness seminars.

Our next seminar is in partnership with The Innovation Factory on:

Wednesday 19th June 2019

‎‎08‎:‎30 – ‎12‎:00pm
The Innovation Factory,
Forthriver Business Park, 385 Springfield Road, Belfast BT12 7DG.
Please come and join us. Registration can be found on the Innovation Factory Eventbrite website.
We hope to see you there.

Please give us a call if you have any data privacy questions.

07545 422 235