Where data privacy is concerned our 16 years working in this area tells us that prevention is always better than cure. However, unfortunately incidents do take place!

The reputational damage that a data breach can cause may not only be hugely embarrassing but it nearly always costs a lot more time and money to manage than you would imagine!

As individuals, we can now each see the value of our personal data and accordingly, the rights of an individual data subject are far more significant under the GDPR that under previous legislation.

If a data breach occurs or a complaint is made to the Information Commissioner’s Office most organisations are ill equipped to manage the complex issues that can follow during the post incident phase.

At JALARO we can provide you with that much needed support following on from a data breach or complaint by:

  • An impact assessment immediately following any incident
  • Formulating a suitable strategy to deal with media enquires and social media comment
  • A report detailing the nature of the data breach, why it occurred and any gap in corporate controls
  • Drafting an agreed action plan to mitigate any associated risks.
  • Liaising with the Information Commissioner’s Office on behalf of your organisation